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Gov’t reforms to focus on workplace creation, austerity

The government’s long-awaited structural reforms, to be revealed on Monday, February 28, will put workplace creation into focus and will include serious expenditure cuts as well, online news portal Origo reported citing a Fidesz representative wishing to remain anonymous.

The source said that some measures would affect disability pensions instead of regular pensions since the former is linked to workplace creation. In January, Origo recalls, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán told American daily Wall Street Journal and news agency Dow Jones in an interview that cost cutting structural reforms would touch upon the issues of pension costs, unemployment benefits, medicine subsidies and public transport.

The source also said that, besides cutting drugs subsidy, no further reform measures will affect Hungary’s healthcare or education system since a government is unable to touch upon all delicate issues, not even with a two-third majority.

Also, citing another unnamed government source, Origo said that the announcement of the reforms might be shifted from Monday to Tuesday.