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Gov't publishes resolution on Széll Kálmán Plan 2.0 measures

A government resolution on measures outlined in the recently unveiled Széll Kálmán Plan 2.0, a new version of a year-old structural reform program, was published in the official gazette Magyar Közlöny on Wednesday.

The resolution contains a breakdown of a combined HUF 44.6 billion in government spending freezes which puts the amount at HUF 8 billion for the Rural Development, HUF 6.7 billion for the National Resources Ministry, HUF 6 billion for the Interior Ministry, HUF 4.5 billion for the National Development Ministry, HUF 4.3 billion for the Public Administration and Justice Ministry, more than HUF 3 billion for the Defense Ministry, HUF 2 billion for the tax office and HUF 1 billion for the National Economy Ministry.

The resolution stipulates that the heads of the affected government organs must submit a detailed account of the spending freezes, after approval by the economy minister, to the Treasury by May 7. 

The resolution gives the development minister until May 31 to draft and submit to the government a plan for changes to the local public transport system as well as railway company MÁV that result in the same fiscal improvement outlined in the Széll Kálmán Plan.

It mandates the development minister to produce a proposal for the introduction of an electronic road toll system that will generate additional revenue of at least HUF 150 billion.

It mandates the economy minister to prepare for a HUF 10 billion reduction in 2013 of central budget funding levels in 2012 for public transport in the capital.

The resolution limits funding for state-owned companies to professional resources, thus reducing the burden on ministries' budgets.