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Govt official sees no new special taxes

Special and sectoral taxes Hungary's government has introduced since coming to power are here to stay, but no more are on the way, deputy state secretary for tax affairs at the National Economy Ministry Ádám Balog said in an interview published in daily Magyar Nemzet on Thursday.

"The bank levy, the 50% tax on profit of energy service providers, the tax on the lines of utilities and telecommunications companies, the per-minute tax on telephone calls, the contribution asked of insurers and retail companies, the tax on harmful foods, and the financial transactions duty are all important and permanent elements of the definitive Hungarian tax system in the future," Balog told the paper.
Asked if the ministry sees any need to introduce new special taxes, Balog said changes to regulations could always become necessary, but the introduction of new types of taxes or the "drastic increases" of existing taxes at present were "inconceivable".