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Govt expects result from IMF talks - Fidesz spokesperson

Hungary’s government expects results from talks with the International Monetary Fund on financial assistance, spokesperson for governing Fidesz Gabriella Selmeczi said on Thursday.

"We expect the negotiations with the IMF will lead to a result. We would like to agree with the IMF on a safety net, and then a plan B will not be necessary," Ms Selmeczi said.

She added that there were naturally contingency plans for every possible situation.

"The main thing is that...Hungary stands on stable economic foundations, that we can fend off the financial attack experienced over the past days," she said. "It appears that there was still peace and quite on the markets and bourse on January 2, but when the brokers came back from the New Year’s Eve party, they started another attack. On January 3, one could already see from the forint that the country had come under attack again," she added.

"Hungary has a strong government: the coalition governs with more than a two-thirds majority. We have several contingency plans and we will protect the country from these attacks. And whatever decision is taken, be it with or without the IMF, everything will serve the interest of Hungarian families," Ms Selmeczi said.