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Govt does not want to levy any type of central property tax

The government does not want to levy any kind of central property tax, government spokesman András Giró-Szász said at a press conference on Thursday, asked to comment on press reports.
Giró-Szász said the government stands firm on the matter and did not plan the introduction of any such tax.
He said a document from the Interior Ministry had never been discussed by state secretaries or come before the cabinet. The document concerns the possible introduction of a local tax that would apply to the sale of rezoned properties, such as farmland that is sold after reclassification as residential property, he said.
Interior Ministry deputy state secretary Péter Szaló said the tax would give local councils a chance to recoup some of their development costs and spend this on further development.
The document outlining draft amendments to building regulations shows the "accrued value contribution" would be levied on the sale of properties that are made more valuable as the result of local council investments or rezoning.