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Government to submit proposed budget on September 11

The government plans to submit its proposed 2010 budget to parliament on September 11, MTI has learned.

Representatives from the parliamentary group of the governing Hungarian Socialist Party (MSZP) will meet with those from relevant government ministries on Wednesday and Thursday to discuss the proposed 2010 budget.

Hungarian Socialist Party parliamentary deputies told MTI that MSZP party-group leaders and members will meet on August 29 and August 31 to approve the proposed budget. The deputies said that proposed funding for local councils, healthcare, education, transportation and employment are among the remaining open questions with regard to the government's 2010 budget.

MTI has learned that Prime Minister Gordon Bajnai will attend both of the MSZP meetings and meet with parliamentary party-group leaders and other officials from the liberal party SZDSZ, whose support the MSZP needs to gain a majority in parliament.

The government will hold an extraordinary cabinet meeting on September 1 to discuss the budget.

MSZP officials said that the government's 2010 deficit target of 3.8% of GDP is the only unalterable figure in the proposed budget.

The government has already sent the International Monetary Fund (IMF) a declaration of intent to reduce public-transportation funding by HUF 40 billion (€150 million) and local-council funding by HUF 120 billion (€448 million) in 2010.