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Ft 20 bln granary complex opens in Adony

Swiss investors and Hungarian Magtárház Raktár Kft (Granary Warehouse ltd) opens Hungary’s greatest granary, a Ft 20 billion investment.

Today, 30 June, at 11:30 a.m. an investiture ceremony is to take place in Adony, Fejér county symbolising the launch of a significant investment in Hungariay agriculture. At the celebration organizers are awaiting Economy and Transport Minister János Kóka, Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development József Gráf and CEO of Hungarian Development Bank (MFB).

The total capacity of the granary will be about 800.000 tons, about five times more than any other granaries in Hungary. The first shipments of grain are already stored there. For its location the granary can be accessed through highway M6, railway connection to the Dunaújváros- Pusztaszabolcs railway trackage  - leading directly to the port on Danube, - and from the river; as the facility is being constructed on lands between road 6 and the Danube. Property of a former lumberyard, two ports and some surrounding lands have been purchased for the site of the granary. There will be two premises of granary, 84 halls 2000 quadrat meter each, thus the capacity is going to exceed 550.000 tons, but concerning the CEO, the size of the fields give the possible capacity of an additional 300.000 tones. The renovation of the freight station and the reconstruction of the ports are planned to be finished next fall. The ports can receive 24 barges at the same time. Mayor of Adony, Péter Ronyecz welcomes the investment, for it would also establish new workplaces in the area.