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Four bid in Miskolc tram tender

Four parties submitted bids in a tender to supply trams to the city of Miskolc (NE Hungary) by the deadline on September 20, government commissioner for the project Gábor Simon said on Monday.

Bids to deliver 31 trams were received from Skoda of the Czech Republic, Spain's CAF, Italy's Ansaldobreda and Solaris of Poland, Simon said. Canada's Bombardier and Germany's Siemens bought the tender documentation but did not submit bids, he added.

A previous tender for the trams was invalidated by the Public Procurement Arbitration Board (KDB). Italy's Ansaldobreda was named the winner of the tender in March, with a bid of net €67.9 million. But the KDB annulled the bid in May because of problems with deadlines in the offer. A bid by runner-up CAF, from Spain, was also invalidated because of an irregularity with the bank guarantee in the offer.

In February, Miskolc signed a HUF 14.9 billion contract with Miskolc Zöld Nyíl, a consortium of Colas-Alterra, COLAS ÚT, WIS and PENTAVIA, on the renovation and extension of its tram network. The contract is part of a HUF 40 billion tram line renovation and extension project the consortium will start in the spring. The consortium will add one and a half kilometers to the tram network and renovate 9.6 kilometer by the end of 2011.

The tram project is supported with European Union funding. (MTI-Econews)