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Forint liquidity of Hungary banks edges further up in July - MNB

Forint liquidity of Hungary's banking sector rose slightly further in July, mainly due to a decrease of central government deposits, the National Bank of Hungary (MNB) said in its monthly preliminary statistical balance on Monday.

Market players placed more than earlier of their excess liquidity into the two-week MNB bonds while their overnight central bank deposits declined. Average central government deposits fell HUF 54.2 billion to HUF 1,708.1 billion.

Average stock of overnight deposits fell by HUF 112.1 billion in July after a similar decrease in June and reached HUF 162.6 billion in July.

Average stock of two-week MNB bills increased by HUF 25.6 billion to HUF 3,606.5 billion for residents and rose HUF 151.9 billion – after a sharp HUF 202.6 billion decrease in June – to HUF 589.0 billion for non-residents.

Swap claims dropped by HUF 6.7 billion to just HUF 2.8 billion. The decrease was similar to June. Average stock of currency in circulation fell HUF 24.1 billion to HUF 2,670.2 billion in July.

Average external assets were HUF 290.7 billion lower at HUF 10,470.1 billion.