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FM decides not to grant tax- and customs-authority employees mid-year bonus

Employees of Hungary's tax authority APEH and customs authority VPOP will not receive their customary mid-year bonus due to the government's current budgetary shortfalls, the Finance Ministry informed MTI on Tuesday evening.

Finance Minister Péter Oszkó met with officials from APEH and VPOP on Tuesday to discuss the government's decision not to award the mid-year bonus, which the Finance Ministry customarily grants if the organizations meet their revenue targets. The ministry noted that both APEH and VPOP had made a significant contribution to government revenue so far this year, though the deeper-than-expected recession had reduced proceeds from taxes and contributions, thus making the measure necessary. The finance minister will ensure a sliding wage scale for those APEH and VPOP employees for whom the decision not to grant the mid-year bonus will cause significant financial difficulty. (MTI-Econews)