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Farmers to receive HUF 117.5bn in advance EU farm subsidies

Hungarian farmers will receive a combined HUF 117.4 billion in advance direct EU farm subsidies beginning on October 16, Rural Development Minister Sándor Fazekas said in Budapest on Wednesday.

The minister said the sum is the 50% advance direct payment to farmers the European Union approved. Hungary had requested that these payments be brought forward due to this year's extreme weather conditions.

The European Commission said earlier on Wednesday that the Management Committee for Direct Payments backed unanimously the Commission's proposals to allow ten member states, including Hungary, to start paying to farmers up to 50% of direct payments for 2010 from October 16 instead of from December 1.

Hungary will also receive HUF 6.5 billion in extraordinary dairy-farming subsidies from the EU, the minister said. (MTI-Econews)