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Farm ministry sees wheat crop falling

Hungary's Agriculture Ministry estimates the country's farmers will harvest 4,038,000 tons of wheat this year, 29% less than in 2008 and about one-fifth under the average over the past five years, the latest data published on the ministry's website show.

Wheat on 418,514 of the 1,138,000 hectares planted with the crop have been harvested already. Average yield was 3.7 tons per hectare for the area already harvested, but this is likely to fall to 3.5 tons by the end of the harvest, the ministry said.

The barley harvest, which is 98% completed, is seen dropping 25% to 705,500 tons from last year, 14% under the average in the previous five years.

Rye must still be harvested on 41,178 hectares or 91% of the area sown with the crop. Yield has averaged 1.6 tons per hectare.

Triticale has been harvested on 15% of the 128,983 hectares sown with the crop. Yield averaged 2.6 tons per hectare.

With 84% of the rapeseed crop brought in from 262,505 hectares, average yield has reached 2.2 tons. (MTI-ECONEWS)