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Extra funds approved for Margit bridge projects

The Budapest assembly ratified with a commanding majority a motion to reshuffle the city’s budget so as to raise an additional HUF 17.1 billion needed to launch the renovation of the Margit bridge.

The recently published aggregate costs of the venture came as something of a shockwave, since the expenses were originally calculated to total HUF 13 billion, but the bids received necessitated more than double the amount.

The governing liberal-socialist (SzDSz – MSzP) coalition along with some members of the opposition Fidesz caucus voted in support.

Deputy mayor Miklós Hagyó reiterated that the condition of the bridge allows no further delays. He noted there is no need for another public procurement procedure, as the city would not be able to acquire better bids under the given economic conditions. (Gazdasági Rádió)