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Export volume pushes workday-adjusted industrial output up in Sep

Output of Hungary's industrial sector fell an unadjusted 3.8% yr/yr in September but workday-adjusted figures show a moderate 0.6% rise, helped by exports, data of the Central Statistics Office (KSH) published on Friday show.

September output rose 0.7% month-on-month, according to seasonally- and workday-adjusted data.

All figures are the same as the preliminary ones published on November 8.

Exports sales fell 3.6% from September 2011 according to unadjusted figures but rose 1.1% if adjusted for the number of workdays. They fell an adjusted 0.1% from August when they rose 1.2%.

The figures suggest that dropping prices rather then falling volumes were behind a 4.3% yr/yr fall of exports in euro terms in September.

Preliminary trade figures released on November 8 showed that exports and imports dropped yr/yr in euro terms in September, in the first drop since April. September imports fell 4.6% yr/yr.

Domestic sales were down an unadjusted 6.0% yr/yr in September, and were down a workday-adjusted 2.0% as a ongoing contraction continued. Domestic sales were unchanged in a seasonally adjusted month-on-month comparison after moderate monthly drops between May and August.

January-September output was down 0.8% following a 5.6% rise in 2011.

Nine-month exports sales volume was up 0.2% after a 7.9% increase last year. Domestic sales contracted 2.5% in volume terms in the period after dropping 5.2% in 2011.