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Eurozone inflation rises 0.1%

Inflation in the 13 countries sharing the euro rose 0.1% on higher energy prices, the European Union's Eurostat data agency reported Monday.

The March increase to 1.9% was in line with most economists' forecasts. A year earlier inflation was 2.2%, Eurostat said. Consumer prices rose 0.7%, compared with February's 0.3% increase, largely due to higher prices for clothes, Eurostat said. Eurozone core inflation, which excludes prices for energy, food, alcohol and tobacco, held steady at 1.9%, the agency said.

In the 27-nation European Union, inflation rose 0.1% 2.2% from 2.1%, Eurostat said. The lowest rates were in Malta, 0.5%; France, 1.2%; and Cyprus, 1.4%. The highest rates were in Hungary, 9%; Latvia, 8.5%; and Estonia, 5.6%. The lowest 12-month averages were in Finland, 1.3%; Poland, 1.5%; and the Netherlands and Sweden, 1.6% each. The highest were in Latvia, 6.7%; Bulgaria, 6.5%; and Hungary, 5.6%. (