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Europeans could give more to IMF

European nations are prepared to give more to the International Monetary Fund, Spain's Economy Minister Pedro Solbes said, confirming that €75 billion - €100 billion euros ($96.53-$128.7 billion) was one possible range.

“The euro group's position is favorable towards an increase, what is yet to be set is the size of the total figure,” Solbes said at a conference in Madrid.

Asked whether the euro group would be prepared to commit a range of between €75 billion and €100 billion to the IMF, Solbes said: “It is a range.”

A contribution from Japan was already more or less tied up, Solbes said.

At the same conference, Germany's Finance Minister Peer Steinbrueck said that the European Union was in a position to help European countries in financial trouble but that there had been no talk of difficulties within the euro zone.

“The eurozone is undoubtedly and definitely stable, no member of the eurozone is really suffering from difficulties related to loans or credits,” Steinbrueck said.

“We are available for action and we are capable of action,” he said, adding: “Have a look at Latvia and Hungary, and the truth is the measures are available for any other case.” (Reuters)