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Euromoney gives Hungary more points, lower ranking

London-based economic policy periodical Euromoney dropped Hungary from 37th to 41st place among 185 countries in its semi-annual list of national risk levels, published on Thursday, but gave it 68.50 points out of a possible 100, as against last September's 67.57.

The country risk is made up of a number of components including political risk, economic risk and some purely quantitative measures (e.g., the discount on forfeiting). Luxembourg is in first place with 99.65 points, followed by Norway with 98.44. The only country in Central and Eastern Europe to place higher than Hungary is Slovenia, which is 28th overall.

Hungary got 19.30 out of 25 points for the political risk component, but only 9.50 out of 25 for comprehensive economic performance. Its credit rating points amounted to 6.41 out of a possible 10, but as far as loan repayment was concerned it got 10 out of 10 points. It got 4.16 out of a possible five points for ease or difficulty of access to capital markets.