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EU ministers agree on crisis management

European Union regional-development ministers agreed at a meeting in Marseille, France that member states should be allowed to reallocate significant resources from EU structural funds for crisis management and economy-boosting measures over the coming months, Hungary's National Development and Economy Minster Gordon Bajnai told MTI.

Bajnai said “Hungary's request that Brussels expedite approval of 13 major investments in Hungary, since revving up these investments could serve to blunt the recession and preserve jobs is tightly connected to crisis management.”

Hungary asked Brussels to expedite the payment of advances and also sought approval to disburse larger advances from the Hungarian central budget to help tender winners to start the projects as soon as possible, Bajnai said.

Bajnai said that Budapest's new underground line, the renovation of streetcar systems in the cities of Debrecen (E Hungary), Szeged (S Hungary) and Miskolc (NE Hungary) and the construction of the waste-management network in west-central Hungary are among the 13 major investments targeted for expedited EU approval. (MTI – Econews)