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EU approves sanitation projects

The European Commission has approved further two major development projects in Hungary, the national development agency NFÜ announced.

One involves upgrading the sewage control and sewer system of Nyíregyháza while the other is aimed at the realization of the Mecsek-Dráva waste management project.

With the latest, Brussels has already green-lighted 9 major Hungarian projects, while another 14 are on the table, having been approved by the national government. The Nyíregyháza venture will cost HUF 12.7 billion, HUF 9.9 billion of which is EU-sponsored.

The Mecsek-Dráva venture will cost HUF 16.9 billion, HUF 11.8 billion coming from the EU, the NFÜ said. (Napi Gazdaság)