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EU approves funding for first of Hungary's 19 proposed major projects

The European Commission has approved nearly HUF 16 billion (€60.49 million) in funding for renovation of the streetcar network in the city of Debrecen (E Hungary), the first of 14 major project proposals that Hungary has already submitted to the European Union for expedited approval, the daily newspaper Népszabadság reported.

Hungary will submit a further four proposed major projects, defined as those worth over HUF 13 billion - or HUF 6.5 billion in the case of environmental-protection investments - to the European Union for approval.

The major project to renovate Debrecen's streetcar system includes the construction of 7.8 kilometer of track, 12 stations and the purchase of 18 new streetcars. The total cost of the project is just under HUF 18 billion.

The European Union agreed in November to expedite the designated major projects for Hungary in order to moderate the effects of the economic crisis.

These major projects also include renovation of streetcar systems in the cities of Szeged (S Hungary) and Miskolc (NE Hungary) and Budapest and expansion of the waste-management network in west-central Hungary. (MTI – Econews)