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EU and eurozone unemployment falls only slightly

The numbers out of work in the European Union slipped only slightly from 7.5% in January to 7.4% in February, new EU data said Friday.

February's jobless rate in the 27-member bloc last year was 8.2%, the Luxembourg-based EU statistics office said. Seasonally-adjusted unemployment, which is a gauge of labor market trends, in the eurozone fell from 7.4% in January to 7.3% last month. In February 2006, the jobless rate in the 12 countries sharing the common currency euro stood at 8.2%. With the entry of Slovenia on January 1, 2007, the eurozone now has 13 members. Unemployment rates last month were highest in Poland (11.8%) and Slovakia (11.0%). The lowest February rates of unemployed were registered in Denmark (3.4%) and the Netherlands (3.5%). (