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Employment and public work registry to be operational from July 27

Hungary's Employment Office announced late Thursday that the country's employment and public work registry will be operational on July 27.

The registry will be set up under recently amended legislation on unemployment benefits, social support and employment under public work schemes. The registry will include data on people eligible for social support, on jobseekers who could be employed in public work schemes and demand for such employment.Job-seekers entered into the registry "have to immediately accept the work offered, including public work, according to current legislation", the office said.

Amended legislation approved by Hungary's Parliament in July will cut the maximum period Hungarians are eligible for unemployment benefits from the current 270 days to 90 days from September 1, 2011. Eligibility will require at least 360 days of work in the past five years instead of the past four years at present. Unemployment benefits will not be paid out during the period of public work. Job-seekers will get as benefit 60% of their average wage earned in the previous four quarters but no more than the legal minimum wage on the day of eligibility from September. At present, the jobless benefit is at most 120% of minimum wage for a maximum of 91 days, and falls to 60% of the minimum wage then after.