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Employers to initiate amendment to strike act

Employer associations will initiate either an amendment to Hungary's strike act or the establishment of a code of conduct after last week's Budapest public-transport strike during which the associations believe unions abused the right to strike, employer representatives announced at Friday's plenary session of the national interest coordination council (OÉT).

The employers would like to establish regulations regarding minimum services and the beginning and ending of strikes, employers-association general-secretary Ferenc Dávid said.

The Chancellery's state secretary Gábor Csizmár said the government proposes that the suggested amendment be submitted to the plenary session of the OÉT within a month.

Trade unions wish to conduct negotiations with regard to the strike act within the council, union representatives said at Friday's plenary session of the OÉT.

Chairman of the National Association of Autonomous Unions János Borsik said the Hungarian strike act contains a moderate degree of regulation, stipulating that agreement must be reached on the extent and conditions of minimum services.

Borsik also cautioned members of the OÉT against making qualitative pronouncements regarding the recent BKV strike. (MTI – Econews)