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Egg producers ask support for campaign to counter effects of dioxin scare

Hungary's Poultry Products Council has asked in a letter to Rural Development Minister László Bárány for HUF 40 – 50 million in state funding to support the promotion of Hungarian eggs, countering the effects of a dioxin scare, council chairman László Bárány told MTI.

Egg producers would double the support for the promotion with their own resources, bringing the total to HUF 80 - 100 million, Bárány said. The campaign is necessary to counter the effects of a dioxin scare which caused egg sales to drop 15-20% “from one day to the next”, he added.

The state funding for the campaign would come from farm product promotion agency Agrármarketing Centrum.

Hungarian authorities said earlier in January that eggs from Germany tainted with dioxin had not been delivered to the country, but tighter inspections were introduced. (MTI – Econews)