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Economic and population statistics released by KSH

In what is certain to be a busy week for Hungary’s Central Statistics Office (KSH), the past two days have seen the release of a number of figures on the country and its economy.

Among the highlights:

● The national population remains on a decline, decreasing by 20,000 in the first six months of 2007, representing a birth rate of -0.5%. The 20,000 figure includes some 11,000 who emigrated from Hungary.

● Hungary’s population is now listed at 10,055,000.

● From Ecostat, KSH’s research wing, come numbers indicating that economic growth in the second quarter was 1.4%, a rate in line with government target.

● Ecostat forecasts economic growth of 2.1% in the Q4, an inflation rate of 5.5% for the end of the year and average inflation of 7.5% for 2007.

● Current trends indicate that household consumption will fall 1.0% this year; the government had forecast a 0.6% drop.

● Ecostat figures the public sector deficit to decrease to 6.4% by December, down from 9.2% as of year-end 2006.

Further Ecostat forecasts have export growth reaching 14.6% in 2007, against 17.9% in 2006, while import growth is forecast at 11.7% (against 12.4% last year); and Hungary's manufacturing sector expanded by 7.5-8.0% in 2007.

● At the time of this writing, the Ecostat economic report was unavailable for online access, but KSH “assures the accessibility” soon at its site.