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EC to loosen Polish emission limits

The European Commission is to allow newly joined EU members an increased amount of carbon dioxide emission in a yet unreleased proposition.

According to the Reuters Agency and ‘European Voice’ weekly, this proposition is to be a part of a new EU energy strategy, which Brussels is to present next week. The consent to increased limits for the new EU states doesn’t mean that the European Union is waving its ambitious plans to reduce CO2 emission by one-fifth by the year 2020.

The reductions are to burden the rich states of the “old” EU more than the emerging economies of the ex-communist states. Sources within the European Union reveal that the largest cuts are to take place in Ireland and Luxemburg. Also Great Britain, France and Germany should pledge to reduce green house gas emission.

The exact limits for particular countries are still unknown. The EC is to make a decision about it on the day of announcing its new energy strategy, that is next Wednesday. Brussels’ plans regarding an increase in producing renewable energy should also be revealed on Wednesday. It is said that the level of solar or wind energy created in particular countries shall vary. (