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Early G-8 protest turns violent

Police used tear gas on protesters who pelted them with rocks, bottles and sticks during a rally against the G-8 summit in Rostock, Germany, Saturday. 146 police hurt in protest.

Only a small number of the estimated 25-30,000 protesters gathered (but organizers said it was 80,000) about 16 miles from where the summit begins Wednesday were involved in the fracas, the BBC said. A German court Saturday barred the country's largest neo-Nazi group from gathering in nearby Schwerin for a rally of its own, Deutsche Welle reported. The court cited 'the risk of violence' and lack of law enforcement personnel in barring the National Democratic Party from marching. Some 13,000 police are in Rostock to keep order among the various groups demonstrating against the policies of the United States, Britain, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan and Russia.

A violent clash Saturday between demonstrators and police in Germany ahead of the G-8 summit left 146 officers injured and as many as 50 protesters in custody. Rostock police used tear gas and water cannon to combat masked protesters who pelted them with Molotov cocktails, rocks, bottles and sticks. Sky News reported 25 officers suffered serious injuries and 17 demonstrators were arrested. CNN pegged the number arrested at 50. The violence erupted when about 500 demonstrators descended on police after a series of largely peaceful marches involving tens of thousands of people throughout the city. „The police were attacked massively from the violent protesters,” police spokesman Frank Scheulen said. „There were thousands of people and most were absolutely peaceful,” one witness, Lexi Barnett, told The Sunday Herald. „It was only when we got to the end of the rally we realized a lot of the more radical, extreme protesters were involved ... and a lot of people had to move out of that area quickly.” The protest was organized by several dozen groups under the motto 'another world is possible,' Fox News reported.

The leaders of the eight wealthiest industrial countries will meet Wednesday through Friday at a luxury beachfront hotel protected by a fence topped with barbed wire and an underwater barrier to prevent boats from approaching. (