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Different takes on economic vulnerability

Hungary is not included in the group of countries most endangered by the global liquidity crisis, the analysis published by the world’s largest credit rating organization Standard & Poor (S&P) says, which rated for instance Latvia, Iceland and Romania among the most vulnerable states.

Standard & Poor, which designed the liquidation vulnerability index for the debtors on its developing market rating list including 15 countries, attributed Hungary rate of 0.0, i.e. a medium vulnerability rate. As a result, the Hungarian economy has gained a rating on the lower third of the vulnerability list, as 10th in the ranks after Slovakia and Poland. In another analysis, Merrill Lynch provided a greatly different perspective, categorizing Hungary as the most vulnerable economy to the ongoing liquidity events. Merrill finds that the twin deficits of the country’s decency make it a top candidate to fold should conditions turn dire. (Gazdasági Rádió, MH)