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Delegations discuss OECD draft report on Hungary’s economy

Representatives from Hungary, the Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) Secretariat, all of the organization’s 34 member states, the European Commission and the International Monetary Fund met at the OECD’s headquarters in Paris on Tuesday to discuss the draft of the organization’s regular report on the Hungarian economy.

The report is expected to be published late February or early March.

National Economy Ministry State Secretary Zoltan Csefalvay, who participated in the meeting, told MTI’s correspondent in Paris that main theme at Tuesday’s meeting was the steps Hungary could take to strengthen confidence in the country.

Participants discussed the role and powers of Hungary’s Fiscal Council, the limit on state debt included in the new constitution and the policies aimed at managing the difficulties arising during the transition to flat-rate tax system.

Mr Csefalvay said that the government and the OECD both consider financial stability, dependability, reduction of taxes, economic growth, increasing employment, and the improvement of flexibility within the healthcare system to be priorities for Hungary.

The OECD, which prepares reports on the economies of the organization’s member states every year and a half to two years, will publish that on Hungary’s economy in early March.

The OECD last published a report on Hungary’s economy in February 2010.