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Debts owed by central budget institutions slightly decreases

Classified debts owned by the around 500 central budget institutions decreased by HUF 900 million to HUF 38.3 billion at the end of February, from one month earlier, business daily Napi Gazdaság reported on Friday.

The paper quotes figures from the Hungarian Treasury, which show that debt owed to the state amounts to HUF 1.7 billion, up HUF 100 million from a month earlier, while unpaid debts to suppliers fell HUF 1 billion to HUF 36.5 billion.

Debts were up HUF 3.4 billion in the category of debts overdue for more than 60 days, and the number of classified debtors increased as well.

The paper said 38% of the total debt is owed by institutions overseen by the National Resources Ministry, particularly by universities with a medical-health centre.