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Croatian jobless rate falls to 10-year low

The registered number of unemployed in Croatia fell to 245,768 persons at the end of July, a record low since 1996, a senior Croatian official said in the capital Zagreb on Friday.

Ankica Paun Jarallah, acting director of the Croatian Employment Office, told a news conference that the number of the registered jobless people in Croatia fell 1.5% in July from June, higher than the 9.2% fall in the same period last year, the Croatian news agency HINA reported. According to the Croatian Central Bureau of Statistics, the registered unemployment rate in June 2007 was 14.3% in the Western Balkan country with some 1.76 million economically active people.

In July, 22,344 persons were erased from lists of the unemployed. Of them, 14,229 found jobs while others were removed from the list due to other reasons such as qualification for retirement, army conscription or failure to report to local employment offices on a regular basis. On the other hand, the Employment Office received a total of 18,564 new requests by job seekers and those seeking to be registered as unemployed. The inflow of new entries are mainly applicants who finished secondary school in June and are now searching for jobs. (