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Court binds KSH to publish EDP report

The Budapest Municipal Court decided in a first-instance ruling that the Central Statistical Office (KSH) must make public the excessive deficit procedure (EDP) reports it sends to Eurostat, not just the final form of the reports it publishes after Eurostat's review, said István Hollósi, the lawyer for the plaintiff, a journalist.

KSH must submit an EDP report, prepared jointly with the National Bank of Hungary and the Finance Ministry, to Eurostat twice a year, on April 1 and October 1. KSH may modify the report based on Eurostat's review. The modified report is published by Eurostat and (since 2006) KSH.

The final version of KSH's EDP report was published, by coincidence, on Wednesday.

KSH vice president Eszter Bagó told Econews KSH will consider action only after receiving the court ruling in writing. (MTI – Econews)