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Consumers owe HUF 76.5 billion to public utilities

Consumers in Hungary owed HUF 76.5 billion in bills overdue for more than 60 days to public utilities by the end of November last year, according to latest figures by the Hungarian Energy Office (MEH). Data has been gathered only from last year, so there was yet no comparison with earlier years, MEH answered a query of MTI on Friday. At the end of November, 292,000 consumers owed HUF 25.3 billion to electricity providers, 329,000 consumers owed HUF 36 billion to gas distributors, and 95,000 consumers were late over 60 days with the payment of HUF 15.2 billion to district heating services. There were no figures calculated for the total number of overdue debtors, because a proportion of them was probably in arrears to several service companies, MEH said.