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Consumer prices up 5.9% yr/yr in September

Twelve-month inflation was up from 3.5% in August, while monthly inflation was up from 0.0% in August. The figures are well over analysts' estimate in a poll for Tuesday's issue of business daily Napi Gazdaság. The analysts said consumer prices rose 5.2% in September from twelve months earlier and were up 1.83% from August. Household energy prices were up 16.2% in September pushing inflation far above the preceding month, KSH figures show. Household gas prices rose 28.9% in a month and electricity prices went 15.1% up. Car fuel prices continued to decrease by 5.5% from August. Seasonally adjusted core inflation rose 1.7% from August and increased 4.0% from September 2005. Seasonally adjusted core inflation was 0.5% in August alone and 2.4% from August last year. Cleared from the effect of tax changes (VAT rate reduction from 25% to 20% in January and the raise the middle rate from 15% to the top 20% in September and excise tax increase also introduced last month) consumer prices rose 1.0% from August and 6.2% in twelve month. Food prices rose 3.2% in September alone including the effect of 9.4% decrease in seasonal food prices. Excluding seasonal goods food prices would have been up 4.8% from August, KSH reported. (Mti-Eco)