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Consumer confidence improves in June

Consumer confidence in Hungary improved in June from the previous months, the latest measure of sentiment by market research company Nielsen shows.

Nielsen's consumer confidence index measured 45 points in June, up from 40 in both May and April, and 37 in March.

About 40% of households surveyed in June said their financial outlook was bad, down from 46% in the previous month. Just 11% reported an optimistic outlook.

About 54% of households said work possibilities had narrowed, down from 62% in May.

About 37% said it was a bad time to make big purchases, down from 40%.

83% of households said their propensity to save was unchanged.

About 21% of those surveyed said they had foreign currency-denominated loans. 38% said they were having difficulty making repayments in June, down from 65% in March. (MTI-ECONEWS)