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Coface says number of Hungarian companies classified as risky slightly down

The percentage of the Hungarian companies classified as risky is still above the regional average, but the latest figures from Coface Hungary show an improvement, with the figure falling to 49.51% in February from 52.44% in November.

Coface Hungary is the Hungarian unit of French credit insurance company Coface.

Coface Hungary's February figures for the central and eastern European region show that the number of Hungarian companies classified as risky has fallen below the same figures for Romania (54.79%) and Slovakia (52.3%).

The analysis shows that although there has been a slight shift in the percentage of risky companies, a major positive change will only happen if the percentage of such companies remains below the current figure of around 50% for at least six months, Coface Hungary country director Zoltán Dercze said. The indicator was 48.94% in January, but exceeded 50% for the three preceding months. (MTI-Econews)