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BUX rallies to 0.47% gain, remains at 11-month closing high

The BUX rose over 235 points in the final 25 minutes of the BSE's Thursday session, closing up 114.82 points on a heavy composite exchange turnover of HUF 43.5 billion the second-consecutive day in which the exchange has generated over HUF 40 billion in trade. The BUX fluctuated in a 1.84% range between an intra-session high of 24,530.59 at and an intra-session low of 24,079.66 at 11:30 a.m.

The mid-cap BUMIX index lost on Thursday, declining 14.89 points, or 0.77%, to 1,931.42.

BSE blue-chips stood as follows at Thursday's closing bell: Oil and gas company MOL gained 1.39% to HUF 25,550 on a turnover of HUF 8.67 billion

OTP Bank advanced 0.35% to HUF 6,280 on an immense, exchange-high turnover of HUF 31.06 billion also remaining at an 11-month closing high;

Magyar Telekom gained 0.17% to HUF 607 on a turnover of HUF 1.66 billion

Drug company Richter lost 0.05% to HUF 38,680 on a turnover of HUF 1.43 billion.

The BSE Big Four generated 98.44% of the exchange's composite Thursday turnover.

Other major central and eastern European blue-chip stock indices closed lower on Thursday, with Prague's PX-50 losing 0.22% and Warsaw's WIG-20 declining 0.40%.