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Businesses call for talks with gov’t, opposition

Hungarian business associations have called on the government to organize talks between the parties in Parliament and businesses on creating a responsible and sustainable economic policy, starting budget reforms, transforming the country's hospitals and clinics into a service-oriented sector and introducing tax changes to improve Hungary's competitiveness.

Sixteen business associations published a paid advertisement calling for the talks in several Hungarian dailies on Monday, the day after the governing Hungarian Socialist Party won the second round of parliamentary elections. They suggested the meetings be held as soon as May. Among the associations were all of the joint Hungarian-foreign chambers of commerce, the Association of IT Businesses, the Joint Venture Association, the Hungarian Chamber of Agriculture, the Hungarian Innovation Association, the Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Association of Hungarian Road Haulage Companies, the Forum of Hungarian Business Managers, the National Association of Agricultural Cooperatives and Producers, and the National Association of Entrepreneurs and Employers.