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Bulgaria limits electricity exports

Bulgaria has halted electricity exports to meet domestic demand, the Minister of Economy and Energy Petar Dimitrov said Tuesday.

Dimitrov issued an order at a news conference after consulting with the State Agency for Energy and Water Regulation. The restriction will be in place until March 31, he said. “Currently, the stability of the energy system in Bulgaria is not jeopardized. You could assume simply that I am very cautious,” Dimitrov said.

Electricity exports have now been stopped completely, Chief Executive of the National Electricity Company (NEK) Lyubomir Velkov told journalists later in the day. He said that a week of sub-zero temperatures has caused residential consumption of electricity to increase 20% from the same period of last year, causing an “extreme situation” to the domestic electricity supply. The NEK will make sure that domestic demand is satisfied even if that means complete cessation of exports of electricity, Velkov said. (Xinhua)