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Budget could be modified based on observations by IMF/EU

Next year's budget targets can be met in the bill's present form, but the government will take into account comments by the European Union and the International Monetary Fund, thus the budget could also be modified, parliamentary group leader of governing Fidesz said on Friday, after a meeting of the party's MPs in Sárvár (W Hungary).

Rogán said one of the most important goals remained to carry out the government's workplace protection plan. He added that Fidesz's parliamentary group supports the plan and expects the government to implement it.

The parliamentary group wants an agreement on financial assistance from the IMF/EU to be reached, but not at any price, he said. This is why the MPs proposed the government take into account goals set by the IMF/EU but make its own proposal at the negotiations, proposal that would be suitable to meet those goals while still implementing the workplace protection plan in full.