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Budget bill shows HUF 834 bln in EU funding arriving in 2010

The 2010 budget bill, submitted to Parliament, shows HUF 834 billion in European Union funding arriving during the year, while Hungary's payments to the EU reach HUF 220.8 billion.

The EU funding will be complemented with HUF 188.1 billion in state co-financing, bringing the total amount available to HUF 922.6 billion.

The EU funding and co-financing is equivalent to 3.5% of projected GDP in 2010. Hungary's payments to the EU are level with 0.83% of GDP.

Most of the funding -- HUF 645.9 billion -- is for support in the budget, while HUF 276.7 billion is for items outside of the budget, such as certain farm subsidies and support paid directly to producers.

EU funding and state co-financing is targeted at HUF 1,002 billion in the 2009 budget. Hungary's payments to the EU are set at HUF 226 billion. (MTI – Econews)