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Budapest tourism promotion set to bring Ft 4 bln extra

The Budapest Winter Invitation, a promotion aimed at increasing tourism in Budapest during the winter low-season, is expected to generate Budapest hotels additional revenue of Ft 4 billion (€15.55m) this year, the business daily Világgazdaság reported.

State promotion agency Magyar Turizmus Chairman Akos Niklai told Világgazdaság that 62 hotels and 11 tourist services will participate in this year's Budapest Winter Invitation, which the organization anticipates will generate 60,000 tourist-nights at Budapest hotels this winter.

Niklai said that the promotion has a budget of Ft 135 million, of which Magyar Turizmus provides Ft 100 million, while participating tourist services provide the remaining Ft 35 million.

Magyar Turizmus launched the promotion two years ago, generating 25,000 tourist-nights at Budapest hotels two winters ago and 50,000 tourist-nights at hotels in the city last winter, the newspaper wrote.

Világgazdaság reported that this winter more than 100 Hungarian hotels located outside of Budapest would participate in a similar promotion whose details are scheduled to be announced in December. (MTI – Econews)