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Broadband up, landline down

There were 1,600,000 broadband internet subscriptions in Hungary at the end of May, compared to 1,593,000 at the end of April. The number of landline telephone connections in Hungary fell to 3,092,000 in May from 3,102,000 in April, figures published by the National Telecommunications Authority (NHH) on Tuesday show.

The number of broadband ADSL and cable subscriptions in Hungary increased by 163,000 from twelve months earlier.

The number of ADSL stagnated at 804,000 in May, while the number of cable subscriptions increased to 796,000.

The percentage of households with a land line fell to 61.67% in May from 61.68% in April.

Total duration of calls initiated was 475 million minutes in May, down from 577 million in April. The total duration of initiated calls per landline fell to 153.5 minutes in May from 153.6 minutes in April. The average duration per call increased to 3.13 minutes from 3.06

About 516,000 landline calls were made using dial-around services in May. Total duration of calls made using dial-around services came to 34 million minutes, same as in April. (MTI-ECONEWS)