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Body established to coordinate EU surperlaser project

A body was established in Brussels on Thursday to coordinate and promote a superlaser project in which Hungary is participating. The Extreme Light Infrastructure Delivery Consortium International Association (ELI-DC) comprises the ELI-HU Research and Development Nonprofit, Romania's “Horia Hulubei” National Research and Development Institute Physics and Nuclear Engineering Institute and Elettra Sincrotrone Triest of Italy. ELI-DC will ensure the representation and promote the development of the ELI at the European level and be in charge of organizing the coordination of the local project teams in charge of the implementation of the first three ELI facilities. Hungary, the Czech Republic and Romania won a joint bid for the EU Extreme Light Infrastructure (ELI) project that will open new avenues to reveal the secrets of matter on ultra-short timescales, in October 2009. The University of Szeged is hosting the project in Hungary.