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BBJ conference focuses on tourism sector developments

The BBJ’s “Investment and Tourism” conference held last Thursday at the Corinthia Grand Hotel Royal focused on tourism projects, details of the second National Tourism Development Strategy, rural development plans and infrastructure developments.  

Addressing the priorities of the National Tourism Development Strategy as part of the second National Development Plan (NFT), Miklós Kovács, deputy president of the Hungarian Tourist Authority, said that more than Ft 1 trillion (€3.79 billion) will be spent in Hungary on tourism-related developments in the period between 2007 and 2013. According to Kovács, one-fifth of regional EU sources will serve tourism development during this period. He also named the main pillars of the strategy, such as the utilization of Hungary’s thermal water resources, developing key tourism destinations (like Budapest, Lake Balaton, and the Danube and Tisza rivers), preserving and utilizing the country’s cultural heritage, and developing transportation. In the second part of the conference, several mega-projects including Zala Springs and Gastroland were on display – each presented to show different phases of realization.

For further details, see next week's BBJ.