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Association head urges farmers to raise more hogs

Hungary's farmers should increase their stock of hogs in the coming years, then take steps to expand the domestic market as well as find new markets, Antal Sákán, head of the Hungarian Hog Farmers Association, said on Wednesday.

Hungary's farmers must raise their stock of hogs from about 3.8 million to 5.6 million in the next few years, Sákán said. Farmers could ensure a market for the extra stock by convincing Hungarians of the higher quality of locally raised livestock, boosting per capita consumption 8%-12% over the current 26 kilograms per year. Farmers could also look for new markets in Romania, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Russia, Italy and Greece, he said.
Sákán noted that Ft 1,300 billion in development funding for the farming sector would be available during the 2007-2013 EU budgetary period.