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Americans go outside the zone

As the rate of USD is losing against the EURO, American tourists begin to opt for European countries outside the Euro-zone as their destinations.

Warsaw and Budapest might actually overcome Berlin or Paris in popularity, states global news network AFP. East-European reservations have rocketed (by 55%) this year, because Americans want more for their money, said Mike Pina, spokesman of AAA Travel, one of America’s largest travel agencies. The number of travelers to Hungary grew by 76 %, to Croatia by 69%, to Poland by 10%. The number of journeys to Romania grew by 700 %. In the Euro-zone, Italy and France saw 13 % more American tourists each, England 2.5% more and Scotland 4.6% more. Also, American tourists now seem to long for unusual adventures, said Sandy Hughes, deputy chairwoman of AAA Travel. The number of US travelers to Europe grew 1% and, parallel with the EURO gaining force against the dollar, the traditional West-European destinations lost 2.4%, as shown by the data of America’s Ministry of Trade. (Gazdasági Rádió)