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Agreement on gas prices expected by mid-September

An agreement between Hungary's National Development Ministry and utilities companies on gas prices will probably be reached in the middle of September, state secretary Pál Volner, who is leading talks between the parties, told MTI.

Volner said he was confident the agreement on the type of pricing would be acceptable to gas companies.
The ministry aims to keep the burden on retail consumers from growing, he said. That is, there should be no gas price rise, however, service providers should not lose out either, he added.
A moratorium on gas prices changes for utilities companies classed as "universal service providers" - those that deliver gas and electricity to households, small consumers and public institutions using a price structure and price level controlled by state authorities, thus mitigating exposure to market forces - was introduced early in the summer and was to remain in place until talks on pricing with utilities companies were completed. (MTI – Econews)