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37,500 more job seekers

In September the number of job-seekers registered by the State Employment Service (ÁFSz) was 415,800, 37,500 higher than a year ago and 1,421 lower than in August.

The number of first-job-seekers grew 1.1% year on year to 45,439. The numbers reflect the layoffs in the public sector, since it is the Central Hungary Region that saw the largest increase, said ÁFSz chief director Károly Pirisi. Also, the growing number of the underprivileged in the system makes the statistics even worse – as they have even more trouble finding jobs, he added.

The employment of the underprivileged is subsidized Ft 8 billion this year, which suffices to help 20,000 people, said Judit Székely, expert secretary for the Social and Labor Affairs Ministry. The government expects a low 3% expansion in employment since the convergence program keeps the austerity measures alive, which in turn keep economy under pressure, explains daily Magyar Hírlap.

The ratio of unemployment in the Central Hungary Region is 3.5%, in North Hungary 17.3% and in the North Alföld Region 16.2%. Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg County registered the highest number: 20.6%. The employers reported 27,000 new unsubsidized jobs in September, 17.9% less than a year ago, mainly for unskilled workers, offering a Ft 84,100 gross salary. (Magyar Hírlap)