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Young people choose brands when choosing bank

Bank's youngest clients speak a new language even in financials: for them, banking means primarily the bank card and the internet banking, a new survey of TakarékBank reveals.

Among the clients aged 18-29, internet banking is the most preferred method as 60% use it. Those who haven't used them, claim that internet banking and bank cards would be the first new services to try.

According to the survey there are three priorities for the youngsters: the easiness of opening an account at a branch office, the availability of an offer tailored especially for their need and the range of products that help them fulfill their social need and gain respect in their own age group.

Asking the target group about small payments by card, it turned out that the 18-29-year-olds very often spend below HUF 3,000, basically at supermarkets, gas stations, fast food chains, cinemas and malls.

TakarékBank has been developing a wide range of products for the younger generation: last year it sold 5,500 of the "flash bank card" and 9,000 of the accounts targeted at the under-30 clients. This year, TakarékBank plans to issue about 10,000 PayPass watches in the next half year. (BBJ)